VCAD stimulates creative and inventive solutions to problems through imaginative engineering coupled with
feasibility study of each elements necessary for successful design
We have a Customer Centre Process, where the need of the customer is engineered towards developing an
innovative solution. The exact objective of design is identified, followed with Conceptual Design & Design Modelling
carried out with the Right Design Intend. The technicalities of design is validated & optimised through VFEA & VFLOW,there-by an effective & accurate solution is derived towards the physical problem.

Cross domain services are listed below,

 Preliminary Design - Conceptual planning, Concept design & Feasibility study

Product Design - Concept modelling & Detailed Design with theory of inventive problem solving

Embodiment Engineering - Product Teardown, Virtual, Validation & Design Simulation GD & T

Design to Reality - Methods Engineering, GA drawings, Schedule of quantities (BOM), Model Migration

Reverse engineering- Experimentation of actual performance followed with Re-Design, Design Validation & Optimization with CAE & CFD

Re-Design - Design corrections & rectifications/recommendations for repairs, alterations or Re-rating of existing vessels/equipments for a new set of design parameters with improvised performance.

Design Life Cycle - Evaluate Fitness-for-service for process equipments to ensure the structural integrity for the intended design parameters and product Life Cycle.

AAPL VCAD combines product design with DFM, DFA, VA & DOE towards developing a robust design. The concepts of
concurrent engineering and embodiment engineering are applied not only while refining the product vision into
technical specification but throughout the journey from Designers Desk to Physical Existence of design.

Industrial & Process Equipment Design

 Design of Pressure vessels, Storage tanks & Mixing chambers

 Boiler Design - Heating boilers, Power Boilers,Splitter re boilers HRSG etc

 Design of Heat exchangers, Flow tubes,Channels, Baffles, channel fixed & floating heads, valves, orifices etc

 Cooling Towers, Fractionators and Columns -Innovative technologies towards optimized design, analysis & testing when dead load, live
load, wind loads or combination of all loads are applied.

Mechanical System Design

 Control systems design-Hydraulic Pneumatic Environmental Control System, Mechanical Linkages & Fuel System

 Rotary mechanics Design of Industrial Gas Turbine, Axial and centrifugal flow compressors and fans, Inlet & exit Ducts, Nozzles & Diffusers,
Wind turbine blades and mechanism.

 Design & Trouble shooting of centrifugal, axial and mixed flow pumps and drive systems including electric motors, gear-drives, clutches,
drive shafts, and bearings, seal chambers & bearing housings.

 Design of Heavy lifting equipments, spreader bars, crane hooks & sling mechanisms. Calculation of hydraulic thrust loads, Shaft stress, deflection and bearing life.

 Tool Design - Component Design & Detailing, Generation of As-Build dwg. & Reverse Engineering

 Design of bolted, riveted and welded joints

 Design of structural systems - roof trusses, gantry girders etc


AAPL Simulia for Validating and Optimizing the Digital Product

Today's manufacturers have never been under more pressure. Competition is global, customers are fickle and financial markets unforgiving. Beating the competition, creating customer loyalty and delivering strong business results are essential to survival. These factors depend on repeatedly delivering the right product at the right time and at the right price.

However, delivering the right product is far from easy successfully balancing increasing complexity with rising performance and quality requirements is a challenge. As 80 percent of development and product costs are determined early in the product lifecycle, many companies are looking for ways to front-load product development decisions to help meet these time-to-market, quality and cost issues.Seamlessly integrated the GA Simulia Service solutions enables real-time visualization and review of the 3D product as it evolves, streamlining collaborative review and decision-making. It allows the client to digitally build the product mock-up and its environment, and then analyse it to gain early insight into key factors determining design quality,
product performance, and ultimate market success.

The service enables a digitally mock-up workbench in which the testing and analysis can be carried out and thereby reduces and even eliminate the time and cost invested in “build it, break it” scenarios requiring multiple physical prototypes, allowing them to spend more time innovating. The service is Integrated and designed for multi-CAD environments and facilitates digital mock-up validation and simulation from detail design to maintenance. It provides extensive support for engineering processes such as interference detection and analysis, hybrid mock-upreview, packaging and product synthesis, engineering data visualization and technical publication.


AAPL Simulia for 3D Master product AAPL Simulia for design review
Leverages 3d Rich information Streamline digital product validation
Provides a 3D master product definition Facilitates innovation and improve product quality
Eliminates all 2d to 3d mismatch Accelerates decision making on product changes


AAPL Simulia for advanced product simulation AAPL Simulia for Realistic appearance simulation
Validates complex product designs Allows quick iterations between design and product appearance
Accelerates mock up resolution issues
Real time visualisation and animations for all products with walk through
Optimise the size and reusability of mock up
Reduces the cost in prototyping