AAPL VFEA Service for confidently predicting your product behaviour.

Predictability is Paramount

Computing the response of a structural system involves analysing a wide range of physics: stresses, deformations, vibration characteristics, reaction forces and residual strains. To get an accurate answer, simulation must take into account all interactions between the various parts of a product, its working environment (such as thermal conditions), and the effects of other forces such as electromagnetics and fluid dynamics. And capturing materials is critical.

AAPL VFEA Service category addresses all of this complexity and is handled efficiently by advanced FE Tools that are reliable to capture all subtleties, such as material properties changes, contacts status and erosion of parts. Structural mechanics solutions from AAPL VFEA provides all the required industry standard in engineering, providing you and your industry with the ability to simulate every Structural aspect of a product using linear and nonlinear static analyses or mechanisms analysis.

AAPL VFEA Service incorporate extensive dynamic solution capabilities, including modal analysis for calculating natural frequencies and mode shapes, harmonic analysis for determining harmonically time-varying load response, linear and nonlinear transient dynamic analysis, and spectrum analysis For random vibrations.

Using the Advanced tools used by AAPL team helps to model any type of geometry, from slender and thin structures to massive parts, using the latest generations of beams, shells and solid finite elements formulations. Nonlinear geometric effects assist in performing large deformations or nonlinear stability analyses.

Because complex systems are made of multiple parts, AAPL VFEA Service enables you to capture the critical interactions between parts. Whether using contacts, special connections (including springs, dampers and spotwelds) or joints defining the kinematic relationship between bodies, our solutions lead to insight into the most complex interactions.

Analysis Capabilities

Steady state
Phase change
Random vibration