AAPL V FLOW Solutions are a comprehensive Engineering Simulation suite for modelling fluid flow through
equipments or pipes/ducts to evaluate the flow parameters related to physical phenomena. The solution offers
unparalleled options for design optimization of new equipments and to troubleshoot already existing installations.
The V Flow fluid dynamics suite contains both general purpose computational fluid dynamics analysis and additional
specialized analysis to address specific industry applications. The V Flow Solutions from AAPL AAPL have a high
degree of interoperability, and are assessed to be fitted efficiently in a company's Simulation Driven Product Development processes.

V FLOW - Domains:

 CFD Applications to Process Equipments-Boilers, Fired Heaters & Heat Exchangers

 CFD Applications to Process Piping

 CFD Applications to Chimneys and Silos & ducts Refractory's Layered Equipment.

 CFD Applications for HVAC

 CFD Applications to Wind Engineering

 CFD Applications to Combustion Processes

 CFD Applications to Aerospace & Automobile – Aerodynamic Design

 CFD Applications to Turbo machinery – Axial and Centrifugal flow devices

AAPL V Flow encompass itself with various preprocessors , solvers and post processors with full featured simulation environments which allows us to perform advanced quantitative analysis or create high-quality visualizations and animations. AAPL V Flow fluids dynamics solutions delivers high productivity and easy to use workflows.