P Engg

AAPL P Engg for Plant Design and Analysis Solutions

Plant design and Management Systems
AAPL PEngg gives the power to tackle the most challenging and complex projects with greater ease and
with superior results that were never before achievable. Our plant design and analysis solutions are at par
with ASME Codes, extremely scalable, and reliable to go with. The comprehensive series of design tools
adopted by team AAPL includes structural steel, equipment, process and instrument diagrams and design
review plus automatic isometrics and bills of material.

Pipe stress Analysis
Team AAPL uses the world's most widely used pipe flexibility and stress analysis tools that allow quick and
accurate analysis of piping systems subjected to a wide variety of loads, taking into account weight,
pressure, thermal, seismic and other static and dynamic conditions, based on user-defined variables and
accepted industry guidelines.

Equipment Design and Analysis
AAPL PEngg provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators and inspectors around the world with
solutions that match their equipment design needs.
The service is a complete solution for the quick and intuitive design of new pressure vessels Boilers, Heaters,
Heat Exchangers we also evaluates and re-rates existing vessels, including Fitness for Service analysis.

Service features:
Application Areas
Efficient Plant Design.
Structural Steel and Equipment
Ducting and Cable Trays
Change Size and Spec
Automatic Isometrics
Collision Checking
Database Links
Model and P&ID Synchronization
Walkthrough Capabilities
Process and Plant Design
Stress Analysis and Stress Isometrics
Error Checking and ReportĀ 
Water Treatment