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The design errors are forbidden in Aerospace applications. In this regard Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Analysis and Simulation is of vital importance. AAPL provides companies in the Aerospace industry with a comprehensive set of analysis and realistic 
simulation solutions ranging from assembly, linear & nonlinear structural response, mechanisms, failure analysis. The virtual analysis can be done at both component & system levels to reduce the need for costly physical analysis. AAPL provides design and analysis – solutions very specific types of aircraft components.

AAPL’s PLM sector with integrated design & simulation solutions understands the Client’s design intent and accordingly pre-defines and validates the product design with finite element analysis & multi-physics simulation applications early in the product development phase. As new variations of the product are being investigated, virtual analysis can be run on the new variants without extensive reloading of the data. AAPL’s PLM sector reassures the physical analysis and simulation before prototyping.