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About Power zoning

  • Is a new Air-conditioning concept which is truly a blend of Ecological Science and Technology
  • Centralised Air-conditioning system of buildings both Residential and Commercial with a competitive price. 
  • Design your HVAC with VRF & VAV Technologies to minimize the energy consumption. 
  • Correct the poor airflow in your room for vastly improved efficiency and comfort!
  • Correct the flow of money out of your wallet for excessive utility bills!
  • Invest in Your Walls, Not Wall Street!

Make a correction to the poor airflow in your system and see the benefits of efficiency, comfort, and air quality with POWERZONING.
Recycle the cool air in the lower level all summer to the upstairs where it’s needed and Save on COOLING.
Recycle the sun's energy stuck upstairs on sunny winter days and results in effective utilization of thermal energy. Make the basement cozy and toasty all year.

Cut back on utility bills

  • Conserve energy
  • Lower the carbon footprint
  • Clean the environment.
  • Make for less energy dependency.
  • Improve the overall economy
  • Low operating costs.30% less
  • Return of investment as soon as possible
  • Low noise levels. 24 dBA for the indoor unit.
  • Space saving
  • Providing comfort and distribution rapidly
  • High reliability and low maintenance
  • Higher comfort in usage areas
  • High design flexibility
  • Better zone control and comfort control for more people
  • Increase in annual working time of the system
  • Energy-efficient, ozone does not harm the use of R410A refrigerant.
  • Ease of installation and high speed assembly.
  • Provide individual and can be controlled from a single center.
  • No need for a separate system for heating (until – 15 C)
  • Compliance with the building automation System
  • Good part load performance 7% to 100% of the cooling or heating load.
  • Life cycle 15-20 years.